Tormented Love

Book 3 of the True Love Series


When Ben and Tessa return from their holiday to New Zealand without Jayden, his absence takes a toll on them both, and Tessa is concerned Ben will slip back into depression if he doesn’t hear from his son soon.

They know they should trust God to bring Jayden home, but how do they live in the meantime? Reminders of Jayden are everywhere. A visit to Stephanie, Tessa’s best friend, gives Tessa an idea that she believes is from God, and will eventually take her and Ben half-way around the world. But will it help bring Jayden back?

Meanwhile, Jayden thought life would be better with his mother, but when reality sets in, he’s faced with difficult decisions. Will the lessons his father taught him, help him follow the right path?

"Real issues, real solutions. I've read every book in this series so far, and can't wait for the next. I love that it deals with real life issues and shows that healing and changes take time (too often we look for quick fixes.) This book, is an excellent read in fact, I've read it twice in anticipation for the next. A newly wed couple, a teenage stepson and an ex wife. It will definitely take the love of God to make it all work. i highly recommend this book." Val N