The Shadows Series Box Set



Born to wealth and privilege, British teacher Elizabeth Walton-Smythe is set to marry a young minister from her social set and Christian background. But when he jilts her without explanation, a fateful encounter with roguish Irishman Daniel O'Connor sends Lizzy's future on a reckless new path.

Book 1: Lingering Shadows
To her family's consternation, Lizzy deals with heartache by running away with Daniel, a near-stranger. But once they're married, Lizzy discovers her new husband has demons he hasn't shared with her–and the stresses of marriage will send him back to them. Can these two lost souls endure the greatest challenge of their lives?

Book 2: Facing the Shadows
Daniel is locked in a downward spiral, unable to break free of his demons. Though her heart aches for him, Lizzy realizes she must protect herself and their unborn child. She must also face her own past before she turns toward the future. When Daniel is badly injured by his own folly, can this couple who've been divided by pain, embrace God's healing touch on them both?

Book 3: Beyond the Shadows
Lizzy and Daniel settle into their new life in the Lake District. As Daniel grows in his faith, they look forward to parenthood. But when Daniel receives devastating news of family tragedy, his sobriety is threatened. As he and Lizzy travel to Ireland to reunite with his estranged family, can Daniel draw on God's strength and Lizzy's support to remain a steadfast man of faith?

I absolutely LOVE this series. I grew to connect with each of the characters with each passing page. If you are looking for a story with real-life situations & great character development, with the love of God interwoven throughout the pages, I HIGHLY recommend The Shadows Series by Juliette Duncan!


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