The Madeleine Richards Box Set
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At twelve-years of age, Maddy Richards has everything she needs in life – good friends, a loving mother, and a home she loves. When her mother announces that she's getting married, Maddy's seemingly perfect world is rocked to the core, but when she discovers that not only that her mother is getting married and she'll have a new dad, but there's another, even more world rocking change planned, Maddy, thinking there's no way out of her predicament, forges a plan that she's sure will put a stop to at least one of these sudden changes in her life.

With her best friend Hannah in tow, Maddy embarks on a journey, hoping that will prompt her mother and new husband-to-be to change their minds, but a horrific storm is about to complicate matters further. What looked like a solution suddenly becomes more of a problem.

Maddy will have to gather her resolve and determine if she's ready to trust God, regardless of what is happening, and let life unfold as it should, even if that means her life will never be the same again.


In Book 2 Maddy and Hannah can't believe their luck when they are invited to tag along on Maddy's mother's honeymoon trip to “Paradise”. While there, they befriend an older girl, whose life experiences are drastically different from their own. Soon, Maddy finds herself wrapped up in a potentially dangerous situation that has direct ties to their new friend's boyfriend.

In order to save her new friend from dangers that lie ahead, Maddy will have to trust God, gather her courage, and let go of her preconceived notions about the young girl to help save her from the web of betrayal and deceit that she finds herself in.

Can Maddy learn to trust her new found faith and share it to help save her new friend?


Maddy Richards is just beginning to settle into life in a new town, when she's paired with troubled 13-year-old Alexandra Peterson for a school project.

Alex is uncooperative at best and Maddy feels that something isn't quite right. Soon, Maddy begins to suspect that Alex is hiding a secret. When Alex reveals what's troubling her, Maddy is sworn to secrecy, but this secret is so big, Maddy may not be able to keep her promise.

Will Maddy break her trust to help rescue Alex or is there another way that Maddy can show God's love and help Alex?

A bonus prequel for moms, Hank and Sarah – A Love Story, is also available FREE from inside the book.