Promises of Love

When Harrison, a charming, handsome veterinarian surgeon proposes to Zoe, a promising medical student, on Christmas Day, she’s over the moon and in love. Less than two days later, she wonders if she’s made a mistake.

Zoe had been ignoring God, but when her heart is stirred and her faith is rekindled, she’s faced with an impossible decision.
An unplanned trip to Zoe’s family in drought-stricken rural Queensland provides more challenges when she discovers her parents may lose their family property within a matter of weeks.

There was a time when Harrison refused to speak to his parents, but all that has changed, and all he wants now is a family of his own. Losing Zoe to Spencer Coleman, the dashing Royal Flying Doctor Pilot who flies off with Zoe and her Grandma on an emergency flight to the city, is his worst nightmare.

Zoe and Harrison’s journey to the altar is not certain. She’s made two promises – which one can she keep? Or can she keep both?

With compelling characters and surprising plot twists, this tender-hearted love story demonstrates God’s amazing promise of love when everything seems lost.

“Promises of Love” is a stand-alone novel, but to gain maximum enjoyment, it’s suggested you read “True Love at Christmas”, the prequel to this story, first.