Problems in Paradise

Book 2 of the Madeleine Richards Series

In Book 2 of “The Madeleine Richards Series”, Problems in Paradise, Maddy and Hannah can't believe their luck when they are invited to tag along on Maddy's mother's honeymoon trip to “Paradise”. While there, they befriend an older girl, whose life experiences are drastically different from their own. Soon, Maddy finds herself wrapped up in a potentially dangerous situation that has direct ties to their new friend's boyfriend. In order to save her new friend from dangers that lie ahead, Maddy will have to trust God, gather her courage, and let go of her preconceived notions about the young girl to help save her from the web of betrayal and deceit that she finds herself in. Can Maddy learn to trust her new found faith and share it to help save her new friend? Like Book One in the series, “Problems in Paradise” is must read Middle-Grade Christian fiction for girls aged ten to thirteen, who are looking for a heart-warming story, full of adventure, personal struggle, and Christian values.