When his face grew angry, I knew he could murder…

That face drove me and my three young daughters to flee across Australia.
I doubted he’d ever touch the girls, but if I wanted to live and see them grow, I had to do something.
The plan my friend had proposed was daring and bold, but it also gave me hope.
My heart thumped. What if he followed?

Radical, honest and real, this Christian romantic suspense is one woman’s journey to freedom you won’t put down…get your copy and read it now.


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A honeymoon made in heaven, a family fractured by fraud...
Following their romantic beach wedding in Hawaii, Jayden and Angie embark on the honeymoon of a lifetime - the Himalayas, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall, Angkor Wat, the Greek Islands…the list goes on. 

Fun and challenge await the young couple at every turn, but Angie soon discovers that Jayden is a risk taker, and she has no choice but to go along with him.

 But does she embrace the challenge or put her foot down? 

And what happens after their honeymoon comes to an end? Angie wants to settle in Hunter’s Hollow, Montana. Jayden wants to settle in Maryvale, Queensland. It’s an impossible situation. Will God show them where He wants them to live, and if He does, will they listen?

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing back home. Jayden’s father, Ben, is in trouble. His boss has been accused of fraud, and although upright, conservative and God-fearing, Ben is entangled…

Tessa, his wife, is worried he might slip back into the depression that’s haunted him for most of his life. They’ve been through so much, and God has been with them through it all, but can they trust Him now when so much is at stake? When it’s possible they could lose their beloved property, ‘Misty Morn’, but worse still, Ben could go to jail? 

"Forever His" is a stand-alone novel, but is better read as a follow-on from "Forever Cherished", "Forever Faithful", and "The True Love Series" books.  All books are free to read on Kindle Unlimited, and a Box Set is available at a bargain price.



On Kindle Unlimited

Amazon 5 stars