​A Time to Treasure


She lost her husband and misses him dearly

He lost his wife but is ready to move on.

Will a chance meeting in a foreign city change their lives forever?

Following her husband’s untimely death, Wendy Miller’s life revolves around her adult children, but when she accepts an invitation to her late husband’s grandmother’s 90th birthday party in London, she meets a dashing, silver-haired Texan cowboy in Dublin. Bruce captures her heart, but can she move past the memories of her late husband and truly open her heart all over again?

Bruce McCarthy did his best to hold his family and ranch together after his wife died in a car accident ten years before, but following a recent health scare, he decides to live every day as if it were his last and books a flight to Ireland to find his Irish family.

The captivating woman he accidentally spills coffee on one morning stirs something inside him, and Bruce wonders if God might be giving him a second chance at love…

As they meet again in London, Paris and Venice, their friendship grows deeper, but while Bruce is eager to take their friendship further, Wendy is unsure if her adult children will accept a new man in her life, especially when one of them still blames God for allowing her father to die prematurely.

If Wendy can trust God to take care of the details, and Bruce can overcome his fears of his cancer returning, then they may just find true love again after all…

A Time to Treasure is the first book in The Time For Everything Series, a set of contemporary Christian romance novels set in Sydney, Australia, and Texas, USA. If you like real-life characters, faith-filled families, and friendships that become something more, then you’ll love Juliette Duncan’s inspirational second-chance romance.

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​A Time to Care


They’ve tied the knot, but will their love last the distance?

Wendy didn’t expect to find love again after losing her beloved husband of over 30 years to a heart attack, but after being swept off her feet by a silver-haired Texan cowboy she met in a Dublin hotel, their relationship bloomed, and she agreed to marry him.

Now, Wendy couldn’t be more content as she and Bruce settle into married life in her harbourside home in Sydney.

Bruce is besotted with his new wife and is adjusting well to life in the city, although he secretly hankers for land, horses and open spaces.

When Paige, Wendy’s youngest daughter, announces she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is, as loving Christian parents, Wendy and Bruce take her in and care for her, but she’s rebellious and angry, and threatens to disrupt their peaceful life. 

Is their love strong enough to survive this unexpected intrusion?

“A Time to Care” is Book 2 in the A Time for Everything series, a mature-age Christian Romance series.  Whilst it can be read on its own, you’ll enjoy it better if you’ve read Book 1, “A Time for Everything” first.