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Can she surrender a life of fame and fortune to find true love?

After leaving the small sleepy town of Shelton for the big city, Kayla McCormack struck it big time in the music industry. Her new life gave her everything she needed and wanted… fame, fortune, and fun. She even snagged a famous movie star for a boyfriend. 

But he’s married, and her conservative Christians parents don’t approve. 
Dane Carmichael has had a crush on Kayla since she performed in the school Talent Show at age ten. Now carrying a war wound, Dane’s life revolves around the group of young teens he mentors at church, instilling in them the importance of remaining pure and following Jesus and not the world. 

When Kayla rushes home to visit her father after receiving devastating news, she and Dane reconnect. His simple faith and life fascinate but scare her. 

Kayla is challenged to assess her lifestyle, but she’s also harboring a secret. She can’t forgive herself for what she did, so how can she expect God to? As He gently draws her to Himself, molding and shaping her, just like Dane does with his pots, she begins to understand how forgiving, loving and kind He really is. 

Let this story of love, hope, and second chances warm your heart and draw you close to the One who loves you without condition.

"The Homecoming" is Book 1 in The Potter's House Series 


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"What a heart warming book."

Amazon 5 stars

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One good deed could cost him his life...
One error of judgment could cost her true love...

Half a world separates them, but Jayden has never stopped loving Angie, the green-eyed, red-haired girl who captured his heart and led him to the Lord in the hills of Montana when he was only sixteen.

Years later, when Jayden’s good deed lands him in a coma he may never wake from, Angie has no choice but to go to him.

But Angie now has a boyfriend. A boyfriend who doesn’t understand her special friendship with Jayden. When he arrives on Jayden’s grandparents’ doorstep unannounced, she has to choose – Cole or Jayden.

She can’t have both.

After all they’d been through with Jayden in his younger years, his parents, Ben and Tessa, are struggling to understand how God could allow this to happen. He wouldn’t let Jayden die. Would He?

And can they forgive the youth who did this to Jayden? As Christians, they should. 
But can they?

A highly emotional story of a family and friends sharing God's faithfulness and everlasting love amidst trials and tribulations. Your heart will be touched as you share in the adventures of Jayden and his family.


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"What a heart warming book."

Amazon 5 stars

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