A Time for Everything Series - 

a mature-age Christian romance series

A Time to Treasure

She lost her husband and misses him dearly. He lost his wife but is ready to move on. Will a chance meeting in a foreign city change their lives forever?

A Time to Care

They’ve tied the knot, but will their love last the distance?

A Time to Abide

When grief hovers like a cloud, will the sun ever shine again for Wendy?


A Time to Rejoice

He’s never forgiven himself for the accident that killed his mother. Can he find forgiveness and true love?

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Her Kind-Hearted Billionaire

A reluctant billionaire, a grieving young woman, and the trip that changes their lives forever…

Since inheriting his grandfather’s fortune and mining business with his two siblings, Nicholas Barrington has tried to make his grandfather proud, but he’s tired of his siblings’ selfishness and arrogance. When he stops by his local church on his way home one night, he hears about an organization in Bangkok that intrigues him, and he decides to take a month off work to volunteer.

Three weeks before her wedding, Phoebe Halliday receives the news no one ever wants to hear… her fiancé, Reed Fisher, has been killed in a car accident. Ten months later, she’s still grieving and plagued by memories, so when her best friend suggests she takes time off work to accompany her on a three-month trip to South-East Asia, Phoebe jumps at it.

But the trip Holly has in mind is more than just a holiday. Her passion for helping others takes them to a mission in Bangkok where young girls and boys caught up in sex-trafficking are rescued and rehabilitated.

When Nick and Phoebe meet, she has no idea who Nick is, and she fights her growing affection for him as she feels she’s being disloyal to Reed’s memory.

Nick soon realizes that even though he’s drawn to Phoebe, unless he shares her faith, they have no future other than friendship. But he won’t make a fake commitment - not even to snag the girl of his dreams.

Can Phoebe let go of Reed and open her heart to new love, and can Nicholas open his heart to God and find not only new life, but a love he never dreamed existed?

The Kind-Hearted Billionaire is Book 1 in The Billionaires with Heart Christian Romance Series, a series of stand-alone books that are both God honoring and entertaining. Get your copy now, enjoy and be blessed!

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The Potter's House Boxset

books 1, 8, and 15

A young man on a mission to win his sweetheart’s favor, a famous pop-star seeking love in all the wrong places, a loving husband and father ensnared by greed. Flawed characters in need of God’s loving touch in their lives.

The Potter’s House books 1, 8, & 15 are stories of hope, redemption, & second chances. Each book in this set is written by Juliette Duncan.

Over 200 5-Star combined rating. 584 pages... Buy this boxset now at a discounted price & be blessed!

Blessings of Love

Nurse Skye Matthews can envision a future with engineer Scott Anderson — but is he committed to God? When Skye asks Scott to join her on a mission trip, their journey will test their faith and their relationship in this emotional romance!

The Homecoming

Kayla McCormack has struck it big time in the music industry & she has everything she needs or wants. Dane Carmichael has had a crush on Kayla since school days. Now carrying a war wound, Dane’s life revolves around the group of young teens he mentors at church. When Kayla rushes home to visit her father after receiving devastating news, she & Dane reconnect. His simple faith & life fascinates but scare her. Kayla is challenged to assess her chosen lifestyle, but she’s also harboring a secret. She can’t forgive herself for what she did, so how can she expect God to? As He gently draws her to Himself, molding & shaping her, just like Dane does with his pots, she begins to understand how forgiving, loving & kind He really is.


Sally Richardson has it all. A devout, hard-working, well-respected husband, 2 great kids, a beautiful home, wonderful friends. Her life is perfect. Until it isn’t. When Brad Richardson, accountant, business owner, & respected church member, is sentenced to 5 years in jail, Sally is shell-shocked. He’s defrauded clients, friends, & fellow church members & she doubts she can ever trust him again. Locked up with murderers & armed robbers, Brad knows the only way to survive his incarceration is to seek God with all his heart - something he should have done years ago. But how does he convince his family that his remorse is genuine? Will they ever forgive him? He’s failed them. But most of all, he’s failed God. His poor decisions have ruined this once perfect family. They’ve lost everything they once held dear. Will they lose each other as well?

Let these Christian love stories warm your heart & draw you close to the One who loves you without condition. Get your copy now & be blessed!
These books are part of The Potter’s House Books Series 1, a series written by 7 different authors. Each book is complete & can stand alone.

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